Interpretation Services


The Office of Translation & Interpretation provides language support to assist in the communication of academic information between schools and parents to increase engagement in school activities and district-wide functions. 

We offer a variety of translation & interpretation services that ensure meaningful language access for students and parents so they may have an active role in the student’s education. 
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Office of Translation & Interpretation

If you have any questions you may also contact our office at:
Andrew Stringer District Communication/Grand River Academy
Andrew Stringer
Located at the Emerson Bldg.
(970) 254-7556 Ext.13113
[email protected]
School Communication for K-12 General Education
Jesus Raffo
Located at the Emerson Bldg.
(970) 254- 5406 Ext. 13143
[email protected]

Preschool/Child Find
Luz Weeks
Located at the BTK Bldg.
(970) 254-5871 Ext.12111
[email protected]
K-12 Special Education
Consuelo Aranda-Salazar
Located at the BTK Bldg.
(970) 254-7554 Ext.12143
[email protected]

For complaints and concerns, please call:
Linnea Hulshof Ed. D
D51 Coordinator of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
(970) 254-4991 Extension: 14139
or send email:
[email protected]

Our Services

If you would like to request our services, please select one of the following options:

Interpretation (Oral)

Interpretation: the process of rendering oral communication from one language into another.

District 51 offers oral interpretation services in Spanish with the ability to provide services into other languages. 

(Parents) Request Interpretation Services (Fill out the online form).
(D51 Staff)  Interpretation Request Form


Translation (Written) 

Translation: the process of rendering written communication from one language into another.

District 51 offers written translation services for school-related documents. 

(Parents)  Request Translation Services (Fill out the online form).
(D51 Staff) 
Translation Request Form

American Sign Language Interpretation (ASL)

We offer districtwide and campus-wide support through a third-party vendor for interpretation services into American Sign Language (ASL) upon request.