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Welcome to the D51 Teaching & Learning Site!

Guided by our D51 Teaching and Learning Framework, our mission is to "Engage, Equip, and Empower our learners today for a limitless tomorrow!"

We count each learner and their family as authentic partners in this mission. Our core beliefs, as well as our curriculum, are provided here in a spirit of transparency and collaboration.


D51 Unified Curriculum by Grade for Families

 Discover what D51 learners are studying by grade level as they progress through the school year. Each course of study is based on Colorado Academic Standards, developed by the Colorado Department of Education. Curriculum resources are provided for courses that are most commonly taught at each grade level.

Our D51 Learning Model fosters learning through... 


Design for Learning

  • All lessons and units are developed using workshop instructional practices.
  • Teachers facilitate learning by determining an end goal and planning backwards from there to help each student reach that goal.
Learner-Centered Environment
  • Learners are at the center of a responsive learning environment that promotes continuous improvement and focuses on the whole child.
  • Teachers facilitate multiple, flexible pathways for learners to engage in and demonstrate their learning.
  • Teachers use workshop routines, procedures, and systems to create a safe, predictable learning environment.
Monitoring Learning
  • Teachers use a variety of assessment criteria, methods, and purposes to make learning expectations transparent to students.
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for learners to demonstrate their learning.
  • Our reflective learners participate in ongoing feedback cycles.
  • Progress and movement towards mastery is clearly defined and reported in a timely manner.
Professional Engagement
  • Teachers use the D51 Unified Curriculum and aligned resources to support collaboration with colleagues in Learning Communities.
  • Our D51 Educators self-reflect in their implementation of the D51 Learning Model and Workshop for All practices, using data and coaching cycles to drive continuous improvement of their instructional practices. 

Teaching and Learning Framework

D51 Teaching & Learning Framework 

Our Teaching & Learning Framework helps all D51 stakeholders see what elements of quality instruction should exist in every classroom.

D51 UCIA by Grade for Teachers

UCIA for Teachers can be found in Schoology. Follow the above link to the D51 ClassLink to access Schoology using your district credentials.

Colorado K-12 Academic Standards are the fundamental elements of all D51 lesson designs.
These standards define our expectations for learning.

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