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 Due Date
 2324/010 Fruita 8/9 School 2024 Sectional Roof Replacement  [email protected] 11/14/2023
 RFQ 012 Warmers, Refrigerators & Milk Cooler  [email protected] 12/12/2023
 2324/015 Gym Floors Refinishing at CHS  [email protected]


 2324/014 MGMS Partial Roof Project [email protected] 3/5/2024
 RFQ 015 Portable Air Compressor [email protected] 3/6/2024
 RFQ 016 Commercial Washer & Dryer [email protected] 3/8/2024
 RFQ 018 Lawn Mower Wide Area [email protected] 3/28/2024
 RFQ 020 Transit Passenger Van [email protected] 4/10/2024
 2324/023 Fire Alarm Replacement Wingate - Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk Through attendance to submit bid [email protected] 4/22/2024
 2324/024 Fire Alarm Replacement Fruitvale - Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk through attendance to submit bid [email protected] 4/22/2024

 RFQ 021 Freezer Door Replacement   Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk through

[email protected] 4/23/24

 2324 027 FMHS Modular Relocation Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference

[email protected] 4/23/24
 2324 026 Produce Supplier Bid [email protected] 4/30/24
 RFQ 025 Mini Track Loader [email protected] 4/24/24