Healthy School Meals for All

Healthy School Meals for All... is More than A Meal!

Thanks to the passage of Healthy School Meals for All,  a Colorado voter-approved initiative, District 51 will provide all students at participating schools one free breakfast and one free lunch every school day for all students. Each meal must have a fruit and vegetable to qualify for the Healthy School Meals for All Program. 

District 51 is excited to provide this opportunity for our students and families. We strongly believe that access to nutritious food significantly impacts student success.  It remains important for families to complete the More than A Meal Benefit Application.  Though meals will be provided for free, the completion of this application by all qualifying families ensures that the district continues receiving funds to support nutritional services, after-school programs, and other funding opportunities throughout our schools. Families who meet the criteria and submit the form may also qualify for additional benefits or discounted district fees, including:

  • Discounted utility and internet
  • Waived curricular fees
  • Discounted AP test fees
  • Discounted bus passes
All income details provided through this document are confidential and safeguarded by Colorado law. Only one application needs to be completed for all children within an eligible household. When filling out this form, immigration status, migrant status, citizenship, and refugee status are not required.  If you have questions about completing this application, please contact Connie Barteck at [email protected] or 970-254-5181