Bus Transporation

The district contracts with Student Transportation of America (STA) to provide transportation of eligible students to and from schools within their attendance area. Though not required by law, transportation to the school in your attendance area is provided according to the guidelines set forth in Board of Education Policy EEA.

Elementary school students who live more than two mile from school, and middle and high school students who live more than three miles from school are eligible to ride the bus to and from school. The district does not provide transportation to students attending programs or "schools of choice" outside their attendance area. However, parents may seek to contract privately with STA for transportation of students who are otherwise ineligible for district transportation. Such fee-based transportation may be offered at STA's discretion if seating space is available and if the requested transportation can be incorporated into an existing STA bus route. If interested in this option, parents may download this fillable PDF form, and submit it directly to STA at any time during the school year. Students may not ride a bus other than their STA-assigned bus.


Bus Stop Lookup (Select Students ... School/Transportation Search from the drop down menu)

Bus Lookup 


  • Information on specific bus number, bus stop and stop times for individual students is available at your child's school, calling STA at 697-1050.
  • School bus routes are designed based on a number of considerations, the most important of which is student safety.
  • If you have concerns about transportation, first call STA, 697-1050. If you need further assistance, then call the district's Transportation Department at 254-5102.
  • Click here to visit the Grand Junction City website to look up safe walking and biking routes to any District 51 school.
  • Families that live inside the walking boundaries and are interested in paying to ride a bus:
    1. Fill out the Pay Rider request form
    2. Save it on your computer
    3. Email it to [email protected]