My Payments Plus

Funds may be added to an account with either check or cash payments at the school cafeteria where your student attends, the Nutrition Services Office located at 2280 E. Main St., Grand Junction or through the District’s online payment system (  Parents may call the Nutrition Services Office at 970-254-5181 to make a payment over the phone.  Students may also and add funds to accounts on the day of service in the cafeteria.


Payments made before midnight are generally available for your student's use the following day. However, due to the high volume of transactions on Mondays, there may be instances when it takes an additional day for the funds to post to your student's account.

my payment plus

This is a prepayment system that allows you to make deposits into your children's meal accounts and pay fees via the web or by phone.

Remember, a student's ID number is 6-digits long starting with a leading zero {0 + 11111}.

Omitting or not using the leading zero, will result in an error. If you do not know your student's meal ID number, please call (970)254-5181.

The MyPaymentsPlus Online payment system:

  • Allows you to sign up and register a child or children on the MyPaymentsPlus web site or over the phone by calling 1-877-237-0946.
  • Allows you to view the child's account balance
  • Allows you to view payment history
  • Allows you to view purchase history
  • Sends deposit confirmations via e-mail after an online payment is made
  • Allows payments and balance to be updated in almost real-time
  • Sends Low balance reminders to remind you when your child's balance reaches a certain amount (after set-up)
  • Automatically adds funds to your child's account from your credit card if the wallet and auto-replenish features are set up
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