SECTION G: Personnel

Section G contains policies, regulations and exhibits on all school employees except the superintendent (found in Section C – General Administration). The category is divided into three main divisions:

  • GB contains policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters;
  • GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and
  • GD refers to support or classified staff.
Policy Date Title
GBA 12/19/2023 Equal Opportunity Employment
10/02/2023 Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA 12/19/2023 Sexual Harassment
GBB 01/21/2003 Involvement in Decision-making
GBBA 01/21/2003 Contracts & Compensation Plans
GBBB 01/21/2003 Fringe Benefits
GBC 01/21/2003 Community Service Leave
GBEA(1) 08/15/1989 Staff Ethics
GBEA(1)-E 08/17/1993 Staff Ethics
GBEB 11/09/2021 Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)/Conflicts Of Interest
GBEBA 01/21/2003 Dress Code
GBEBC 01/21/2003 Gifts & Solicitations
GBEB-R 01/24/2012 Staff Code of Conduct
GBEB-R(2) 01/24/2012 Professional Boundaries
GBEC 02/16/2016 Drugs,Alcohol & Controlled Substances (Drug-Free Workplace)
GBEC-E   Employee Acknowledgement Form Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement (Employees of Federally Funded Programs)
GBEE 02/20/2024 Staff Use of Information Technology Resources
GBEE-E 06/19/2012 Staff Use of Information Technology Resources
GBEE-R 12/11/2013 Staff Use of Information Technology Resources
GBG 09/18/2018 Occupational Medicine
GBG-R 09/18/2018 Occupational Medicine
GBGA 01/17/2017 Staff Health
GBGA-R 01/17/2017 Staff Health
GBGB 03/26/2019 Personal Security & Safety
GBI 09/21/2021 Criminal History Record Information
GBIA 09/21/2021 Participation in Political Activities
GBJ 01/21/2003 Personnel Records
GBK(1) 03/17/1992 Certified Staff Grievances
GBK(1)-R 02/14/1989 Professional Staff Grievances
GBK(2) 03/17/1992 Classified Staff Grievances
GBK(2)-R 02/14/1989 Support Staff Grievances
GBKA 01/21/2003 Guidelines for Informal Hearings
GBM 01/21/2003 Staff Meetings
GBQ 01/21/2003 Retirement
GBR 01/21/2003 Non-school Employment by Staff Members
GBRA 01/21/2003 Consulting Activities
GCBA 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Contract & Compensation Plans
GCBAB 1/21/2003 Licensed Staff Salary Schedules
GCBB 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Contracts & Compensation Plans(Administrators)
GCBC 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GCC 03/15/2022 Licensed Staff Leaves & Absences
GCCAD 04/16/1991 Certified Staff Military Leave


03/15/2022 Administrator Leaves & Absences
GCE/GCF 01/18/2022 Licensed Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GCEB/GCFB 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Recruiting/Hiring (Administrators)
GCEC 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Vacancy Posting
GCFA  06/20/2017 Licensed Instructional Staff Hiring/Non Probationary Portability
GCG 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Substitutes
GCG-R1 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Substitutes
GCG-R2 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Substitutes (Substitute Rotation List)
GCGD 01/21/2003 Part-time Licensed Staff Employment
GCGF 01/21/2003 Summer School Teachers
GCH 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Orientation
GCIB 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Development Opportunities (Non-administrator)
GCIC 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Development Opportunities (Administrator)
GCL 03/20/2007 Licensed Staff Time Schedules
GCMD 01/21/2003 Licensed Staff Extra Duty
GCMEF 01/21/2003 Teacher Duties
GCN 01/21/2003 Supervision of Licensed Staff
GCOA 11/19/1991 Evaluation of Certified Staff (Certified Staff Other Than Administrators)
GCOA-R 11/19/1991 Evaluation of Certified Staff (Certified Staff Other Than Administrators)
GCOC 01/21/2003 Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GCQA 04/17/2012 Reductions in Force - Teachers
GCQA(2) 04/17/2012 Reductions in Force - General Staff
GCQA-R 06/15/1993 Reductions in the Work Force
GCQC/GCQD 01/21/2003 Resignation of Licensed Staff
GCQF 10/17/1995 Suspensions & Dismissal of Certificated/Licensed Staff Members(and Contract Non-Renewal)
GCRD 01/21/2003 Tutoring for Pay
GCS 04/16/1991 Certificated Research & Publishing
GDA 06/25/2019 Provisional Support Staff Positions
GDB 01/21/2003 Support Staff Salary Schedules
GDC 03/15/2022 Support Staff Leaves & Absences
GDCD 04/16/1991 Classified Staff Military Leave
GDE/GDF 01/18/2022 Classified Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GDE/GDF-R 10/11/2013 Classified Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GDM 01/21/2003 Support Staff Development Opportunities
GDO 01/21/2003 Support Staff Evaluation
GDQB 01/21/2003 Support Staff Resignation
GDQD 01/21/2003 Discipline, Suspension & Dismissal of Support Staff
GDU 01/21/2003 Support Staff Positions Requiring Operation of a Motor Vehicle