District 51 Vision

District 51 Board members voted unanimously in April 2017 to approve the following Vision Statement for District 51:

Engage, Equip, and Empower
each and every student, each
and every day.

What does it mean?
• Engage learners where they are individually and guide them on a challenging path at their own pace.
• Equip learners with the educational tools they need to succeed as lifelong learners and community members.
• Empower learners to find their own place in life and feel their education has prepared them for every stage of life.

“Our learning community” encompasses everyone and everything involved in learning – students, educators, parents, school environment, etc. What we do today should pave the way for future graduates to leave school prepared for any challenge. 

How was the vision created?
The vision was created through a year-and-a-half-long process that involved gathering input from 16 groups, including service clubs, business people, and parent meetings. The district hosted two community meetings in Fall 2016 with nearly 50 attendees. A subgroup of school staff and community members from those two community meetings created a draft vision by condensing input from the gatherings into one statement: “Engage, Equip, and Empower our learning community today for an unlimited tomorrow.”

How was the vision vetted by the community?
The survey was sent in an email to all district parents and staff, and 30 paper copies were delivered to all D51 middle and high schools for students to complete. The survey link was also shared on social media and in newsletters. The final vision, which changed "unlimited" to "limitless" came from the input offered by the survey's 2,143 respondents. Students in particular preferred limitless over unlimited.

How will the vision be used?
The vision will serve as a reference point when any decision is made in the district. Already, the vision has inspired five core behaviors every educator should use to help achieve the goals of the vision. These behaviors are: 

We Lead by Example
Our D51 Learning Community members lead by example, display personal integrity, make tough decisions, and gain the respect of others through a united approach to learning. 

We Focus on What Can Be
Our D51 Learning Community focuses energy not on what is, but what can be. We strive to improve our Learning System by pushing boundaries in order to affect change and accomplish our D51 Vision. We champion district initiatives with team members and other stakeholders.

We Champion a Culture of Continuous Growth
Our D51 Learning Community members help each other learn and grow. We embrace the ability to make mistakes as part of our learning process. We invest in our team members to attain the knowledge and skills required to exhibit personal, professional, and organizational vigor.

We Foster Interdependency
Our D51 Learning Community members work together, forming effective partnerships with stakeholders in schools and in the community. We consider and respect similarities and differences as we work with individuals and groups across our Learning System to achieve shared goals and advance our D51 Vision.

We Ensure Transparency
Our D51 Learning Community communicates with a culture of transparency. We live our D51 Vision by openly demonstrating our values through our words and actions.