New Support Staff

Welcome New Support Staff to School District 51!

Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to Mesa County Valley School District 51.  We are excited to have you as a member of our staff.  You will have received a Welcome email from Human Resources outlining the next steps in your hiring process, including instructions for your fingerprint/background check with D51.  Please refer to the following steps to complete your new hire paperwork and review additional information about your assignment and D51 below.

1. Follow the instructions in your Welcome email regarding the fingerprinting/background process for D51.

2. Complete new hire paperwork.
You will receive an email invitation to schedule a time and date for an onboarding appointment at Human Resources at 2115 Grand Ave.  Follow the link below to download, complete, and print new hire paperwork.  Please bring completed new hire paperwork and additional documentation to your appointment.  If you do not receive an email invitation within 24 hours, please call 970-254-5124 to schedule your appointment.

Click to Complete New Hire Paperwork

3. Obtain your District 51 computer login and email
Call the Help Desk (254-5175) no sooner than 48 hours after you submit your completed new hire paperwork to Human Resources to receive your district login and password.

4. Ask your supervisor about TimeClock Online, our electronic time-keeping system.
Click for more information about Payroll.

5. Enroll in medical and other available benefits.
You will receive an email to your D51 email address outlining your eligibility and how to electronically enroll in benefits within your first week worked.  Please review our benefits website
 and complete your online enrollment by following the instructions in your eligibility email.
Please note: If you enroll in benefits after the 20th of the month in which your benefits are effective, you will see a double deduction of premiums on your following month paycheck. 

6. Check out additional information about D51 using the links below:
      Things to know about payroll (including annualized pay)
     2023-24 Pay Periods and Exception Reporting