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Executive Director, Technology Services Dan Burke (970)254-7528
Manager of Enterprise Systems Jenann Wakefield (970)254-5140
Manager of Training and Support Barry Rochford (970)254-5190
Finance and Procurement Lori Stratton  (970)254-5141
Technology Help Desk helpdesk (970)254-5175
Ext 11350

D51 Technology Vision Brief

Technology Services Mission and Vision

District 51’s technology mission is “To provide leadership in the use of technology resources and services that provide every student with the skills to enter the 21st century workforce or continue their education. We will provide technology solutions that promote and facilitate student achievement, employee performance, organizational effectiveness, and community involvement.”

Ensuring Alignment with District Instructional Content Standards

The Technology Services Department is committed to support the initiatives of the District Curriculum and Instructional Support departments. This is critical that both the Operational and Instructional Technology staff work hand-in-hand to fulfill the overarching goal to collaborate, and advise in the deployment of the New District Learning Model as well as to support the fulfillment of state K12 Content Standards.

Current Main Technology Initiatives and Direction

  • Reduce teacher/student confusion through adoption and promotion of a streamlined focused suite of classroom instructional technology options.

  • Move toward a 1:1 student to computer ratio.

  • Promote the use of Google Apps for Education districtwide

  • Promote the ClassLink SSO as the primary method to access apps and other district software.

  • Create and support the technical infrastructure needed to move on premise services to the cloud where logical and deemed cost effective.

  • Research and deploy state-of-the-art classroom (instructional) technology tools that assist with student engagement and produce results that align with standards.

  • We will be a primary provider of operational technology training delivered to the schools and classroom teachers.