Vendor Information

General Information for Vendors Working with District No. 51

The purpose of the Purchasing Department is to ensure that MCVSD No. 51 receives the highest quality goods and services for the lowest cost. To that end, the Purchasing Department will afford every qualified vendor an equal opportunity to compete for the district's business and will assure each vendor fair treatment in the award process.

Bid and Contract Awards

Bid and contract awards are not automatically given to the lowest bidder but are based on varying sets of criteria which define quality, service, and overall cost. The Purchasing Department is required to follow all Board of Education purchasing policies and procedures when awarding bids and contracts

Tax-exempt Status

Mesa County Valley School District No. 51 maintains a tax-exempt status and is not required to pay state or local sales and use taxes, federal excise taxes, or federal transportation taxes.

Vendor Performance

Your performance will be monitored periodically to ensure that District No. 51 is receiving:

  • Quality goods which meet or exceed manufacturer and purchase order specifications;

  • Timely receipt or delivery of all ordered goods;
    High-quality customer service;

  • Fair and reasonable pricing; and

  • Compliance with federal, state, local, and District No. 51 requirements.

At an appropriate time, you may be required to complete a survey and undergo a site audit conducted by the Purchasing Department. Data collected from this survey and audit are used to evaluate your suitability and qualifications to meet the needs of District No. 51.

Gratuities and Conflicts of Interest

No favoritism shall be extended to any vendor. Vendors must not offer gifts, gratuities, or monetary rewards to school district employees. Violators will be removed from bidding lists and disqualified indefinitely. School district employees must not participate in situations that might involve conflicts of interest or other improper behavior obligating the employee to partiality towards a vendor. Incidental promotional items provided occasionally are allowed.