D51 2023 SPF Scores

D51 Celebrates Achievements in School Performance Framework Scores
Posted on 09/01/2023

Grand Junction, CO - The Colorado Department of Education has released School Performance Frameworks, essentially serving as the state's “report card” for individual schools, and District 51 is proud to announce a notable improvement in our District Performance Framework scores across many of our schools. The district’s commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous achievements, including an increase in the number of schools in D51 that have earned the highest possible rating of “Performance School.” 

This milestone marks a significant accomplishment within our three-year community-driven strategic plan. We have successfully achieved our Year 1 goal of ensuring that 80% of our schools receive either a “Performance School” or an “Improvement School” rating…the highest two possible school ratings. D51 met this goal, showcasing the dedication of our teachers, administrators, and students.

Out of the 41 schools that received a rating, 18 showed gains in their overall points earned. Impressively, Broadway Elementary School, Independence Academy, Juniper Ridge, Mesa View Elementary School, Mount Garfield Middle School, New Emerson, Palisade High School, Pomona Elementary School, Shelledy Elementary School, and West Middle School all achieved double-digit improvements in their scores. Juniper Ridge Community School and Mount Garfield Middle School both jumped two performance rating bands from “Priority Improvement” to “Performance” in one year.

This success is particularly significant in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. D51’s progress in test scores and school ratings, compared to our pre-pandemic results, demonstrates the resilience, dedication, and adaptability of our district's educational community. 

We know there is still much work left to be done, but we remain committed to our journey toward academic excellence. The district’s Year 2 Strategic Plan Goal is to have 90% of our schools receiving the two highest possible ratings, and, ultimately, by the end of our three-year Strategic Plan, we aim to have all schools receiving those top ratings. 

These improvements would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our hardworking teachers, staff, building leaders, and district-level support teams. Furthermore, the dedication and determination of our students, whose commitment to their own individual academic goals, have been instrumental in reaching these milestones.