Lottery Registration for New Emerson School

New Emerson STEAM Kindergarten Registration Process
Posted on 12/20/2023
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New Emerson’s incoming kindergartners are selected through a lottery process. All parents who are interested in having their child attend kindergarten at New Emerson must follow the registration process for the lottery. Please note the following:

  • All students with siblings in New Emerson,  will have priority enrollment. Sibling registration takes place in December of the current school year. Parents participating in the lottery, will need to come to the office to register their child.  No individual parent meetings or tours will be scheduled with staff at New Emerson prior to the lottery drawing in order to prevent the appearance of bias during the lottery process. 
  • It is recommended that you participate in the School of Choice process for the School District if you wish to have your child attend a school besides their area school (in case they are not drawn in the lottery process for New Emerson).

Lottery Registration Process

  • December 11-21, 2023 - Open registration for the lottery from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Thursday in the main office of New Emerson. 
  1. You must complete the registration process at  New Emerson if you wish to have your child’s name in the lottery.
  2. The order of registration will not secure a spot for the upcoming year nor does it provide any advantage in the lottery drawing. 
  • January 10, 2024 - Lottery Drawing - A letter will be sent home to announce if your child was chosen in the lottery to register at New Emerson for the upcoming school year OR the position of your child on the waitlist.  This letter will also provide details about the next steps in the registration process.  Parents must call the school to confirm that their child will be attending if their student is chosen during the lottery. Parents must call to confirm attendance by the 5th school day after the date on the letter (contact days).