D51 & FPD Release Update on Rim Rock Incident

District 51 & Fruita PD Release Update on Rim Rock Incident
Posted on 12/19/2023
D51 & FPD Graphic

Grand Junction, CO - In response to the incident at Rim Rock Elementary on Friday morning, the Fruita Police Department and District 51 wish to provide clarification to address concerns within the community and dispel rumors and misinformation. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families, and we understand the need for accurate information.

We recognize the heightened concerns regarding school safety and want to assure the public that we take these concerns seriously. In the event of a medical emergency involving a student or staff member, schools may implement a shelter-in-place protocol. This protocol is designed to facilitate uninterrupted and secure access for emergency responders, ensuring that medical personnel can quickly reach the affected individual and provide necessary medical assistance. Although most medical shelter-in-place situations are typically resolved quickly and do not pose safety concerns for uninvolved students or staff, the Rim Rock staff responded promptly and effectively to this student emergency. They played a crucial role in providing immediate medical attention and administering CPR to the student. Following emergency medical personnel transporting the student to a local hospital, District 51 staff responded to provide support for Rim Rock staff and students, ultimately determining that the best course of action was to maintain the shelter-in-place status for an extended period. 

Whenever life-saving measures are used in a school, standard protocol involves the response of both law enforcement and medical personnel. This collaborative response is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. 

As the investigation conducted by the Fruita Police Department remains ongoing, it is crucial to avoid speculating on the circumstances. Rumors and misinformation can be harmful, especially to the family directly involved. The Fruita Police Department and District 51 would like to emphasize that, based on the investigation, there is no ongoing safety concern for the students or staff at Rim Rock Elementary. 

We understand the community's desire for more information but kindly ask for respect and understanding during this difficult time. The family involved deserves privacy and space as they navigate their child's recovery. District 51 remains committed to our partnership with local law enforcement agencies and is grateful for the collaboration with the Fruita Police Department during this incident, as they worked to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and school.