Colorado Open Records Act

What is CORA?
The Colorado Open Records Act, or CORA, allows anyone to request access to public records. Public records include, but are not limited to, writings made, maintained or kept by the school district or its employees, except as otherwise prohibited by law.

How can I make a CORA request?
The process for requesting records is included in School Board Policy KDB-R.

                                         CORA request
                      Please click here to submit your request using a Google Form.

How much does it cost to make a CORA request?
The request is free, but you can be charged if it takes district staff longer than one hour to compile the information you have requested, and/or if there are multiple copies that need to be made to fulfill a request. Charges and other information is available in School Board Policy KDB-R.

Where should I send a CORA request?
If you are seeking items that can be obtained by the public through CORA, such as salary information, certain emails and documents, and recordings, please use the online form to submit your request. Requests can also be mailed to Mesa County Valley School District 51, Attn: Communications, 2115 Grand Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501. Mailed requests must specify that they are CORA requests.

Please remember that there are items that are NOT open to public inspection through CORA, including:
* Student records (see how to request those below)
* Personnel file information
* Directory information, such as student or staff addresses or cell phone numbers
* Items exempt by HIPAA or FERPA

Looking for Student Records?
CORA requests are typically for documents and recordings, such as emails, voicemail messages, and existing charts, lists, and policies. If you're seeking a current or former student's school records, instead please contact [email protected].

Board Policy KDB - Public's Right to Know/Freedom of Information
Board Policy KDB-R - Public's Right to Know/Freedom of Information