Suicide Prevention

Mesa County Valley School District is committed to the well-being and safety of our students.  We recognize that suicide is an issue in our nation and in our community.  In June of 2017 the school board policy on suicide prevention was updated.  You can see the updated policy here.     

As part of our commitment, all of our staff that have regular contact with students are trained in suicide prevention every school year.  In addition, all of our students in grades six-12 receive age-appropriate suicide prevention training.

For more information on what suicide prevention programs we utilize please see our Suicide Prevention in Our Schools page.  Also, check out our Suicide Prevention Training Calendar that keeps track of our student suicide prevention trainings and lets you know about community trainings you can participate in.  

In addition to training our staff and students, the school district is proud to partner with local, state and national agencies to lower suicide rates and raise awareness.  The district participates in the Mesa County Suicide Prevention Council, a local council comprised of agencies in the Valley committed to suicide prevention.  At the national level, Mesa County was chosen to participate in the Colorado National Collaborative (CNC) and the school district is proud to participate with our community, state and national partners to lower suicide rates by 20% by 2024.   More information about the CNC can be found here.